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A novelisation (perhaps better termed a cross-promotional tie-in loosely related to the original property) of the game was produced by Byron Preiss (with a grey-striped cover design emulating Infocom game packaging), published by Avon Books. It was written by Arthur Byron Cover and first published in December of 1989. Its ISBN is 0-380-75387-1 and the rear cover blurb reads as follows:

"Arthur Byron Cover combines the antic sense of Robert Sheckley, the far travelling of A. E. Van Vogt, the deadly serious wry whimsy of Kurt Vonnegut... with a fresh, invigorating talent all his own." - Harlan Ellison


Homer Hunter escaped from the planet where he was stranded. He escaped right into a war on the space station Aurelian, a war that involved terrorists, vampires, and 00pi, the most famous spy in the history of the Third Galactic Empire.

Things were not going Homer's way.

Even Oliver, his faithful robot sidekick, was getting a little erratic. But Homer could still depend on the advice of the ghost of his beloved robot Floyd. "Use the Farce," Floyd told him. Now he just had to figure out what The Farce was...

In addition to this novelisation, the Infocom books schedule showed a third title, "Futurefall" (also to be written by Arthur Byron Cover), planned for publication... but it never turned up, nor the game it was presumably tied into.

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(From Infocom Home Page site)

It contained space station blueprints (envelope, 9 blueprints, 1 legend page), three forms (QX-17-T, JZ-59-G, HB-56-V), and a Stellar Patrol patch (Lieutenant First Class).

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