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Stellar 7 Credits

21 people


ProducerDamon Slye
DesignerDamon Slye
Lead ProgrammerPiotr Lukaszuk
Art DirectorMark Peasley
Conceptual ArtistRobert Caracol
3D ArtistCyrus Kanga
Shell ProgrammerNels Bruckner
Additional EffectsNels Bruckner
ArtistRobert Caracol, Mark Peasley, Brian Hahn, Kobi Miller
Audio DirectorAlan McKean
Musical ComposersDon Latarski, Kim Nagel, Dale Cooper
Panel Art PainterD. Brent Burkett
Image Dept. DirectorRandy Dersham
Sound Effects CreatorChristopher Stevens
Music EditorChristopher Stevens
Q.A. EngineerForrest Walker
Co-ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
Design Contributors and PlaytestersPaul Bowman, Dariusz Lukaszuk, Jerry Luttrell, David Selle, Forrest Walker
DocumentationJerry Luttrell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (30898), Accatone (5318) and formercontrib (158442)