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Stellar Explorer: The Drosi Encounter Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game starts with a 'Loading.....' screen followed by the main game screen. The player is the brown dot on the left hand bed, roughly in the centre of the screen
We've walked up to, and into, a storage locker. 'P' causes the player to pick up the items in there. Only one item can be picked up at a time so remember to get them all
The VAS System has been activated and the screen now shows a mini map on the upper/mid right
We've made it to the bridge. Using the scanner we've targeted our first officer. Next we'll use the 'C'onverse function to talk to him
Conversation is not question and answer. The targeted character imparts their information and that seems to be it
Information does not just come from talking to people. There are files in various locations that can be picked up and 'U'sed
The player's inventory. We have cash because the 'P'ick up function also serves as a buy function in some places
The Save/Load menu