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Strife Credits (DOS)

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Strife Credits


Executive ProducerSusan G. McBride
ProducersJim Molinets, Sean Patten, Nicholas Earl, Gary Lake-Schaal
3D Engine Licensed fromId Software
Spin DoctorGina Rubbatino
DesignerJim Molinets
Level DesignersJim Molinets, Tim Willits
WritersMichael Kaplan, John Sanborn
ProgrammersJames Monroe, Peter Mack
Lead ArtistsRich Fleider, Steven Maines
ArtistsRyan Dunlavey, Stephen Ellis, Carolyn Hammersly, Tim Neveu, Steve Tietze, Ken Robertson, Chris Sessions
Sound EffectsJames Grunke
Sound Effects SourcingKim B. Christensen, Sam Hinckley, Larry Oatfield
MusicMorey Goldstein
VoicesJarion Monroe, Marcia Pizzo, Peter Morgan, Rogue Ent.
Voice ProducerSally Bentley
QA ManagerPatti M. Beadles
Lead TesterKim Pannell
Asst. LeadsTony Laborie, Daniel Murphy
TestersJonathan Baker, Derek Boain, Annye Bone, Caffeine, Mark Cohen, Doug Cole, Tom Fenaughty, Brian Flygare, Edward Goehring, James Hass, Kim Jack, Geoff Jones, Jared Kibele, Patty Kihm, Alan Lacombe, Manx [Sanity Control], Andy Masur, Eric Neville, Andrew Nolley, Mike Pooler, Roy Rapoport, Eric Riley, LaDonne Smallwood, Ross Stevenson, David Wiener
ManualSteven Maines, Sean Patten, Annye Bone, Derek Boain, Patti M. Beadles
AVI player copyright byWolfgang Hesseler (53547 Rossbach; Germany)
MarketingFrank Colin, Shelley Kent, AKA Studios

id Software

Engine ProgrammerJohn Carmack
Engine Tools ProgrammerJohn Romero

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