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Strike Commander Credits


ProducerChris Roberts
DirectorChris Roberts
Associate ProducerErin D. Roberts
Original OutlineJeff George, Chris Roberts
RealSpace System ProgrammingPaul C. Isaac, Chris Roberts, Jason Templeman
Graphics PrimitivesPaul C. Isaac, Chris Roberts, Miles Design
Flight ModelsArthur DiBianca, Jason Templeman
Computer IntelligenceFrank Savage, Jason Templeman, Jason Yenawine
Cockpit, HUD, and MFDsBill Baldwin, Thomas Blom, Arthur DiBianca, Paul C. Isaac, Chris Roberts, Frank Savage, Jason Templeman
Weapon SystemsFrank Savage, Jason Templeman
Mission SystemPaul C. Isaac, Frank Savage
CamerasChris Roberts
Visual EffectsChris Roberts
Audio SystemBill Baldwin, Miles Design
RealSpace Terrain EditorBill Baldwin, Frank Savage
RealSpace Object EditorPaul C. Isaac
Option ScenesBill Baldwin, Arthur DiBianca
Cinematic SequencesBill Baldwin, Arthur DiBianca, Richard Dean Johnson
Install ProgramScott Biggs
JEMMJason Yenawine
NIM System ProgrammingScott Biggs
Library CodeBill Baldwin, Paul C. Isaac, Will McBurnett, Chris Roberts, Zachary Booth Simpson, Philip H. Sulak, Jeff Wilson, Jason Yenawine
Additional ProgrammingEric Hyman
Technical ConsultantGreg Passmore
Simulation ConsultantsKarl Heinz, Karl Kuschner
Flight MusicDana Glover, Nenad Vugrinec
Cinematic MusicRandy Buck, Dana Glover, Marc Schaefgen
Option Scene MusicNenad Vugrinec
Ad Lib Music ConversionNenad Vugrinec, Kirk Winterrowd
Additional MusicMartin Galway
Sound EffectsJohn Tipton, Nenad Vugrinec, Kirk Winterrowd
Digital Processing SoftwareMartin Galway, Jeff Wilson
Digital Sampling/EffectsRandy Buck
NIM System DesignMartin Galway, Nenad Vugrinec
VoicesJoshua Blyde (as Walters), Tom Byrne (as Lyle), Jean-Marc Chemla (as Prideaux), Christian Gerard (as Billy), Craig Halverson (as the Drunk), Lucinda Hinton (as Gwen), Richard Jones (as Stern), Bruce Lemons (as the Informant), Celso Martinez (as Miguel), Richard Mather (as Thug in Alley), Marco Perella (as Tex), Tony Perensky (as Janet), Don Phillips (as Virgil), Harry Porter (as Mendez), Jason Tirado (as The Hero), Norma J. Vargas (as the On Board Warning System)
3-D Studio Sets and MeshesChris Douglas, Danny Garrett, Bruce Lemons, Jake Rodgers
Cinematic AnimationChris Douglas, Craig Halverson, Bruce Lemons, Denis R. Loubet, Jake Rodgers
BackgroundsCraig Halverson, Bruce Lemons, Denis R. Loubet
Character AnimationsChris Douglas, Danny Garrett, Craig Halverson, Denis R. Loubet
Menus and FontsBruce Lemons
RealSpace Terrain TexturesCraig Halverson
RealSpace BuildingsBruce Lemons, Paul Steed
RealSpace Planes and VehiclesPaul Steed
Documentation GraphicsPaul Steed
Box DesignJennifer Davis, Craig Miller
DocumentationRobert Irving, Prem Krishnan, Tim Ray
EditingCarolyn Cutler, David Ladyman
Graphic DesignJennifer Davis
German Manual TranslationRoswitha Shoemake, Kirsten Vaughan, Mark GrĂ¼nert
ScreenplayGilbert P. Austin
GameflowRobert Irving
Additional ConversationsRobert Irving
Map Design and LayoutTim Ray
Mission DesignGilbert P. Austin, Tim Ray, Chris Roberts, Jason Templeman
Mission LayoutRobert Irving, Prem Krishnan, Tim Ray
Vehicle, weapon, and Plane DataTim Ray

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Soderlund (3609) and formercontrib (159335)