Stuart Smith's Adventure Construction Set Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main title screen
Beginning of an adventure
Game introduction
View of gameplay - similar to the early Ultimas.
The room editor
A room in the How to Play part of the Land of Adventuria.
Land of Adventuria - found the microfilm!
Land of Adventuria - Fancy Office
Land of Adventuria - into the Nazi Castle
Land of Adventuria - more of the Nazi Castle
The main editor menu
The thing editor
The graphic editor
The graphic editor - editing some pictures.
Land of Adventuria - In game play - Player stats.
Land of Adventuria - The top floor of the Nazi castle.
Land of Adventuria - Exploring the main map.
Land of Adventuria - Save the Galaxy! Meeting Ban Dunten king of Irata.
Land of Adventuria: Save the Galaxy! Ban Dunten's throne room.
Land of Adventuria: Save the Galaxy! Going down a lane to a shop.
Land of Adventuria: Cross the Delaware. Near the Delaware River.
Land of Adventuria. In a shop.
Land of Adventuria: Cross the Delaware. Sleeping soliders.
Main Title Screen (CGA)
Main Menu (CGA)
Menu of making an adventure disk (CGA)
Copy an adventure disk (CGA)
You must make adventure disk (CGA)
Menu for "Rivers of Light" (CGA)
Enter name for created character (CGA)
Begin game / "Rivers of Light" (CGA)
Select Weapon - Flint Knife / "Rivers of Light" (CGA)
Forest Glen - Item store was found / "Rivers of Light" (CGA)
Item store / "Rivers of Light" (CGA)
Watch out Boar / "Rivers of Light" (CGA)
Character Profile (CGA)
Begin game / "Land of Adventuria" (CGA)
Entranceway / "Land of Adventuria" (CGA )
Take Knife in Sword Room / "Land of Adventuria" (CGA)
Magic Room / "Land of Adventuria" (CGA)