If you create a level with a long enough straight and then place three jumps in a row like this (side view):


racing it with the Indy Car will cause it to land directly past the summit of the third jump. When this happens it'll launch vertically in the air for hundreds of meters. Not very useful in races, but it makes for very interesting replays!

Contributed by vedder (38759) on Mar 05, 2010. -- edit trivia

There's a very cool easter egg in the track editor. If you press Shift+F1 in the track editor a "secret tileset" appears. These tiles are for editing the terrain. This way you can make the land flat or make hills and even water and islands.

Contributed by Rensch (218) on Oct 10, 2004. -- edit trivia

There is a small bug in the game called the "turbo boost": If driving really fast over a jump using the Indy Car it gets boosted-up and drives much faster than it should normally be possible.

Contributed by GP4Flo (118) on Nov 17, 2003. -- edit trivia

An interesting, and also useful feature of Stunts is the ability to pause the game at any time... while driving of course, but also during the intro, at the main menu, or in the menus, in the track editor, anywhere really.

Contributed by Brolin Empey (858) on Dec 19, 2001. -- edit trivia

Okay, try this in real life: Drive real fast down a long, straight road, then do a huge jump, get airborne, and then (while in the air) slam on the brakes to slow down in time to make it around that nasty corner. Is it going to work? Nope, but it works in Stunts! ;-) Of course, this just makes the game more fun! :-)

Contributed by Brolin Empey (858) on Oct 02, 2001. -- edit trivia

The game is available in FOUR versions: as Stunts 1.0, Stunts 1.1, 4D Driving 1.0 and 4D Driving 1.1. Reportedly, 4D Driving 1.1 is the best choice, with many bugs removed.

Contributed by Jaromir Krol (271) on Nov 21, 2000. -- edit trivia

This game is referred to in a few places as "4D-Racing". Search Related Sites for the FAQ and more info why.

Stunts was developed by the same team (DSI) that made Test Drive and Test Drive 2 for Accolade. It was released around the same time Test Drive 3 (not made by DSI) was released.

Editor's note: Accolade chose not to renew their business relationship with DSI for Test Drive 3 because DSI had, under a "psuedonym" (USI), used the same technology they developed for TD1 and TD2 in Outrun. Accolade sued them, claiming that they owned all the technology created for the Test Drive projects. (If memory serves, they settled out of court with DSI paying a settlement to Accolade.)

One of the appealing features of Stunts is how buggy it is. It is not uncommon to hit a car, wall, or other obstacle and--instead of merely crashing--fly straight up into the air 500 feet high, then slowly fall back to earth. There are many replays available on Stunts fan pages that document this.

Contributed by Andy Voss (1847) on Oct 26, 1999. -- edit trivia