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Written on  :  Feb 05, 2009
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Fun game

The Good

It's an original game that's fun for all ages. I first played it in elementary school when it was on the DOS computer that we had in the classroom. Instead of going outside at recess, we all stayed inside to play some of the Super Solvers games and the most popular one amongst us was Challenge of the Ancient Empires.

It really is a great game that's full of adventure. Your goal is to find all the artifact pieces in each level and overcome the many obstacles along the way, things like reflecting triangles that you shoot at in a certain direction, conveyor belts, sliding panels, and an assortment of enemies. There are several regions; Greece & Rome, Near East, India & China and Egypt. Each has a unique style.

The game is cute, the visual style is appropriate, the difficulty feels just right.

The Bad

Nothing really. It occupied many, many recesses for me and my friends so what's not to like? I even play it today via DosBox and it still has that old-time charm and feel to it.

The Bottom Line

I would describe it as something you should definitely play, a unique game that combines adventure and puzzle and is suitable for kids and adults alike.