Super ZZT Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Configuration at startup
Start menu
Good luck beating the reigning champion! I think he's got an edge...
Not entirely unlike Half-Life, the stream conveys you through an introduction
Warnings of monsters you'll experience later on
Also acting as a legend of sorts, to decode their NetHackian symbol-analogues
Starting location
Scrolls expand into reams of text
A stack of ammunition -- how convenient!
Avoiding a menacing monster in the woods
This scroll will tell me to collect the bananas from that tree
A merry gem-collecting spree
Entry denied! Procuring colour-coded keys is something this game has in common with DooM!
The stream spits me out in a cave with a one-way entrance, behind which lies a segmented Centipede-style snake.
Shall I gaze into my radiant beauty with this mirror?
Oh, never mind... apparently it's a key.
The question mark is ... unknown.
Oh, a quiz! I'm good at those!
Not a bad reward either.
Nag screen.
This is how Super ZZT appeared in Epic's 1992 catalogue