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Syndicate: American Revolt Credits

64 people

For Bullfrog

ProducerPeter Molyneux
ManagementLes Edgar
Assistant ProducerSean Cooper
ProgrammersPhillip Jones, Sean Cooper
Amiga ProgrammingMike Diskett, Mark Webley, Guy Simmons
GraphicsChris Hill, Paul McLaughlin
Level DesignAlex Trowers, Mark Lamport, James Robertson, Glenn Corpes
SoundRussell Shaw
MusicRussell Shaw
Intro Sequence byPaul Walker, Richard Underhill, Paul McLaughlin, Chris Hill, Russell Shaw, Kevin Donkin
Technical SupportKevin Donkin
Additional SupportKathy McEntee, Sue Mumford, Paul Clarke, Findlay McGechie, Andrew Sandham
PlaytestersTyrone Bernal-Soria, Paul Cotterill, James Duffy, Gary Dunne, Michael Dyer, Keith Ferris, Sam Godber, Lorraine Godfrey, Kelly Harding, Demis Hassabis, James Herbert, Paul Hill-Gibbins, Mark Lamport, Philip Lever, Paul Lockley, Andrew MacKenzie, Tristan Paramor, Andrew Peach, Daniel Peacock, David Rhead, James Robertson, Andrew Robins, Michael Stenhouse, Gordon Walton, Christian Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Chris Michaux, Chris Munro, Benedict O'Reilly

For Electronic Arts

ProducerMatthew Webster
Supervisory ProducerKevin Buckner
Executive ProducerJoss Ellis
Product ManagerAnn Williams
Translations ManagerCarol Aggett
DocumentationNeil Cook
Documentation DesignCaroline Arthur
Test SupervisorNick Goldsworthy (Skippy)
Product TestingGraham Harbour (What A Nice Boy), Rajiv Awasti (Prawn Curry)
Quality AssurancePeter Murphy, Randy Eckhardt
Technical SpecialistHugo van der Sanden
German TranslationRolf D. Busch
Product Testing Mark Bergan

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158388) and Sciere (717267)