Written by  :  oh noz (5)
Written on  :  Jan 22, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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It left a great taste in my mouth........ for almost 8 years.

The Good

In the summer of 1994, I was sworn to my nes. Then one time I went to my babysitter's and he had this new game, Syndicate. I was unaware of what that was, and when I watched it, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. As I watched the blood spray up after he hit some innocent civilian with the minigun and received no consequences, my mouth hung down for a while. Instantly I began saving up for this game, and it took me almost 2 months. When I finally had the money to purchase this game, I went to my local Electronics Boutique, which was then very small, and dumped all my one dollar bills and change onto the table, and the cashier smiled, but then when he checked his stock, he was all out. He felt sorry for me, and without even my asking, he ordered the game for me directly from the publisher. This, of course, was way before people working at electronics boutique became arrogant pricks, and 2 weeks later, I finally got the game which started my love for pc games. The graphics were slick, the game was actual fun, and I spent a good long time till I got it beat. I loved this game, and I wish people gave it due credit.

The Bad

The music sucked, and there was no ending.

The Bottom Line

Along with Half Life, it's games like this that make me remember why I have to work so hard to balance games and school.