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Synnergist Credits

74 people

Production for 21st Century

Project ManagerKarthik Bala
Designed byGuha Bala, Karthik Bala, Joseph McEvoy, Evan Rubenstein
Film DirectorKarthik Bala
Assistant Film DirectorEvan Rubenstein
Art DirectorGuha Bala
Animation DirectorKarthik Bala
Assistant Animation DirectorAaron Marsh
Lead WriterEvan Rubenstein
Additional WritingJoseph McEvoy, Guha Bala, Karthik Bala
Game Continuity EditorAaron Marsh
Game ProgrammingAaron Marsh, Joseph McEvoy
System ProgrammingGregory Arena Flashpoint Productions
Additional System ProgrammingAaron Marsh, Karthik Bala
Lead ArtistSandra Gifford
Contributing ArtistsDavid J. McClelland, John Kastner, Patricia Dunn, Dick Roberts, James Micelli, Andrew Pokon
Animation TeamKarthik Bala, Aaron Marsh, Guha Bala, David Bullard, Winton Brown, Jeff Baskin, Ross Goldenberg
MusicDaevid Vincent, Thomas O. Plinzke
Audio engineeringDaevid Vincent, Thomas O. Plinzke
Make-up ArtistEvan Rubenstein
Sound Effects furnished bySound Ideas
Sound Operating SystemHuman Machine Interfaces Inc.
Story System Engine developed byFlashpoint Product Inc.
General MIDI timbres for Yamaha OPL2 and OPL3 sound cardsK. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger (The Fat Man)
Windows '95 InstalIerAttic Graphlcs Inc.
Wave DSP UtilltyVincent Ferrer
All Audio Mixed and Recorded atThe Matrix 7 - Royal Birkdale Court Penfield - NY 14526
Produced for 21st Century byBarry Simpson, Iain G. Howe, Stewart Gilray
Manual text written byBarry Simpson, Karthik Bala, Iain G. Howe
Cover Artwork byDave McKean


Tim MachinJeff Baskin (video), Ross Goldenberg (video), Ken Klam (voice)
NarratorSteven Marsocci
HallmagsPaul Pape
DougAaron Marsh
HillarySandra Gifford
Car ThiefHadden Hoppert
CarolynBridgette Burch
Officer WarrenNancy Caffo
Officer BellowsKristal Kunzer
Picketer # 1Gregory Miller
Picketer # 2James Crawford
Officer SimpsonPaul Zorkoczy
Security Guard at PrimaxAmy Smith
ElectricianDavid J. McClelland
Bar PatronRobert Mayer
Herb (the drug dealer)Adrian Luff
Hot dog VendorBryan Del Rizzo
Frankie (the pimp)Brad Craig
HookerSam Harvey
Officer WinfieldMike Wideman
Woman waiting in lineLovette Harvey
Officer EstradaSteven Engel
Murder scene groupieJay Srinivasan
Jennifer AllenHeather Curran
Janitor at MorgueFrank McEvoy
MorticianDavid Shakes
Sleeping bumSteve McGowan
Assassin #1Daevid Vincent
Assassin #2Thomas O. Plinzke
Jim (the forensic)Robert Rutland
Drug dealer in SubwayDaevid Vincent
Maitre' DChristopher Horn
Security guard at RestaurantLou-Ann Jaeger
Victor AmbroseRishi Basu
Bum at Heisenberg ParkJohn Vogt
Bum outside BarEric Cubitt
BouncerWilliam Pifer
BartenderEvan Rubenstein
JackThomas O. Plinzke
JessicaWendy Wurz
JoeTv Van DriverBrian Coughlin
JoeTvJoseph McEvoy
Bum at NoxytechLouis Gordon
Dr. SteinmanEd Scutt
Dr. BoukerElliott Rubenstein
Hooded StrangerRaymond Luxury Yacht
Captain BarberelliLouis Baskin
Dave FotomanSteve Smith
Drunk Woman at BarMinda Zorkoczy
Dr. Tobias MarlinRob Szalay
Autistic Savant #1Michael Williams
Autistic Savant #2Guha Bala
Nurse GivensDafni Kothari
OrderlyDavid Bullard

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