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atari kombinera

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It was a game best enjoyed on its Arcade game platform. When playing this game - Masochism is to Sega 32/DOS, what Ecstasy is to the Arcade version. David Portera (2) 3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars

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Game-Over! (May, 1997)
In brief, if you enjoyed T-Mek in the arcades, you'll get more of the same here. If you liked Comanche for the gameplay rather than the graphics, you'll like this. If you want plot, challenging gameplay or engrossing graphics, simply look elsewhere. A nice try from the previous generations greatest names, but they need to get up there with those on the cutting edge if they want to succeed.
It's one thing to pump a couple of bucks into an arcade machine for a limited, albeit exciting, gameplay experience. It's another thing, however, to drop fifty bucks on a really limited game. And you don't even get to sit in the big, cool arcade housing.
Power Play (Feb, 1997)
Meine äußerste Hochachtung: hiermit ist die Untergrenze des technisch Machbaren endlich neu definiert. Die aus quadratzentimetergroßen Pixeln zusammengeklebten Panzersprites erinnern an futuristische Bügeleisen, bei denen vorn und hinten nur selten voneinander zu unterscheiden sind. Mehr als vier Farben pro Objekt scheinen auch nicht drin gewesen zu sein. Die Polygon-Technik samt zugehörigem Texture-Mapping blieb den Programmierern verschlossen - wie zum Geier soll der Eindruck räumlicher Tiefe entstehen, wenn man permanent auf einer monochromen Fläche umhergurkt? Das Chaos in der Arena erlaubt keinerlei taktisches Vorgehen. Wozu auch, die Gegner lassen sich ohnehin immer durch pures Draufhalten erledigen. Nicht anders das Sud in den höheren Levels: Lediglich Feuerkraft und Panzerung der Rivalen verbessern sich. Zu dumm, daß hier weder Kinder gegrillt werden noch Nazisymbole an den Tanks prangen — dann nämlich könnte die BPS ihres Amtes walten und diesen Schund aus dem Verkehr ziehen.
I tried to find something good about this game, but there is nothing at all to recommend T-MEK. The arenas are boring, the enemy tanks are stupid, and the graphics are poor. And with no rewards in the form of new vehicles, or weapons,for complete the levels, there's no real incentive to keep going. As it stands,there is no way this pile of cack should have been released onto an unsuspecting public. So I'm warning you. This isn't worth buying, even to use the CD as a novelty mug-rest. Look elsewhere, and if someone tries to sell, or even give you this game, run away. Quickly.

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