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Tank Wars DOS The game's title screen



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Release Date
Oct 28, 1990
Version 1.0
Patch History
Nov 05, 1990
(90K) Speed Upgrade
Minor bug fix. When a 5Meg nuke exploded, player 10s trail would flash due to a palette overlap.
Major speed upgrade, CRI's are now travel 10 times faster, and players die faster too
Code size greatly decreased
BOMB2.RAW rewritten to enhance compression.
This release was made mainly due to the fact that I recently discovered numerous techniques to optimize code.
Nov 16, 1990
V1.2 November 16, 1990: (111K) Program Enhancement
Graphics files BOMB1.RAW and BOMB2.RAW no longer necessary for operation
The tanks now fall at a decent speed during setup.
BOMB.ICO added for MS Windows 3.0 users.
Three new types of death have been added, death by dirt, fading away, and nuclear meltdown.
We finally have tank on the title screen thanks to Chris Sparks.
A new computer intelligence has been added, Twanger. This ones a killer.
Bug fixed that caused the program to hang if you hit somebody with a ball of dirt and tracking system.
Command line parameters are now documented.
Nov 23, 1990
V1.3 : (121K) Program Enhancement
More code changed from TP to ASM, causing some noticeable speed increases and some smoother movements.
If the only people playing are computer intelligences, the game will attempt to go faster in certain places that were slowed down for user convenience.
Twangers will no longer pick on the players on the left first, they now shoot towards the easy kills.
There was a fundamental error in Lobbers strategy, preventing him from accurately shooting to the left, this has been corrected.
Computers can now buy and use weapons. Currently they only have the simplest of algorithms, but they're much more dangerous.
A new menu option and command line parameter has been added to select weather computers are allowed to purchase weapons.
Nov 30, 1990
V1.4: (111K) Code Optimization & Bug Fixes
For this release, I basically went through all the code line by line looking for places to trim down, speed up, and correct the code.
Some people noticed that very rarely the bomb would continue to travel, regardless of the dirt in the way until it hit a tank. This happened when power was set to exactly 800, and has been fixed.
The amount owned of certain weapons was not showing up on the weapons list. Sorry for this oversight, that too has been corrected.
When playing a many-player game, there is no longer a 60 pixel margin on each side that caused the edge players to be side by side.
The direction arrow was not being updated when the tank would change direction by way of changing the angle, this is now fixed.
TP version 6.0 arrived, so it has been re-compiled. With the new system kernel it shrunk by 10K. There was also a minor change in speed, but almost unnoticeable.
Dec 04, 1990
V1.5: (112K) Program Enhancement
All keyboard handling is now controlled by the program.
Pressing Ctrl-S at any appropriate time will turn sound on or off
A Mass Kill command has been added that causes all players to die after the current players turn ends. This will end battles between computers that can go on for hours.
At any Appropriate time you may press Ctrl-Q to quit the game. At most of the non Appropriate times you can press Ctrl-Break to exit.
If you wish to increment/decrement anything by 1 while using the keyboard hold down ALT while pressing the appropriate key.
All palette handling had been taken out of Turbo's hands and are now controlled directly by the program. Hopefully this will cure the ATI problem.
Keyboard and mouse handling was going too fast on machines with fast video cards. If you are having trouble selecting your angle and power add the parameter SPEEDxxxx to the command line.
Jan 21, 1991
V2.0 Major Additions
The main menu has been created to full graphics.
The player selection screen is also full graphics. You may want to read the docs for this one, or you can muddle through like a true game player
Background images have been added. Command line parameter /BKb has been added for background selection
Now when players move around between rounds their colors remain constant.
The palette routines were changed again. Maybe this time...
The status screen is now graphics, and the colors of the names now truly reflect the color of the players. Weapons purchasing has been improved significantly
Included are two defenses, to protect you from vicious computers.
May 17, 1991
V2.5: Lots o' new stuff
Those background images that can give you such a headache, Now your worst nightmare has come true, they move
The final scores are displayed after the game has terminated in case you didn't see them
High powered lasers have now been developed. They replace the CRI 4/ND's
The ATI bug has finally been swept under the rug
Energy shields now should protect you from exploding opponents debris
Computers can now buy defenses. Have Fun...
You can now select a computer from the menu by pressing the highlighted key
There is now a small indicator on the weapons selection screen indicating what weapons are available and what ain't. Red you can buy, black you can't
Wind level is now selectable
Plus bug fixes and more
May 31, 1992
V3.0: A few more backgrounds added
Detailed statistics by clicking on the players name, or pressing his number.
Team Play has now been added
For those who discovered it, the "Magic 800" has been changed
After detonating, a sonic blaster now clears itself from the screen
Lead Balls now take off 5 men when they hit directly. This makes them only slightly less than completely useless.
You now have the option of selecting random colors for the backgrounds
When selecting player names, the color of the player is displayed in the text box. All CTRL Keys now work almost all the time
A help screen, F1
If a game is taking too long, (ie >15 round or more) the computer will start to take steps to end it
A new defense, a repulser
A new computer intelligence has been added. Wind Master
The long awaited MIRVs are here.
A boss screen, just press F10
Jun 20, 1992
V3.1: -- Bugs, Bugs, Bugs..
Removing support for older keyboards was a bad idea. Its amazing how many people there are playing Tank Wars on souped up XT's with old BIOS
I didn't realize it, but abandoning an overlayed structure shot the memory requirements through the roof. The overlay system has now returned
The boss screen was saving all 63K of video memory when F10 was pressed, this made 63K unavailable to the rest of the system
The speed of the laser is now a separate parameter
When sorting the team score screen, teams with equal wins, but less points would rank higher. No longer
After exiting BOMBCFG the shift keys could be "stuck" down in the computers eyes, causing 6's to come out as ^'s etc.
You may have noticed parts of V3.0 going as slow as a snail. This was the first time I tried to link in Borland's math coprocessor routines, these doubled the speed of the game when using a coprocessor and slowed it down to quarter speed for those not.
Jul 04, 1992
V.3.2: -- More Bugs..
I forgot to link VGA256.BGI into BOMBCFG as I did to BOMB
The way I handled memory allocation changed in V3.1, and had one flaw. It didn't ensure that screen buffers were created on even paragraph boundaries. This caused incorrect double images to appear at times (most noticeably when WindMaster is targeting)
Tank Wars only allocated mouse buffer memory if there was a mouse present. But it always tried to release that memory. End result, if you didn't have a mouse the program crashed when you tried to exit
Some devices that use IRQ-2 (such as mice and MIDI controllers) lock up when using the Vertical Retrace palette interface. No way around it, just either select Timer interface or None

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