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Tanke Da Juezhan Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Yet another title screen
Main menu
Starting an Allied campaign
Ye olde copy protection
This golden bird represents your base - protect at all costs!
Doing some rearrangement of the Moroccan landscape
Power-ups aplenty!
Post-mission stats
On to the next territory
Bring it on, Rommel!
Calling up an airstrike
Someone didn't watch out for landmines
Remodeling the Sicilian streets
Yeah... blowing up your own base isn't a bright tactic.
The grim consequences of failure
Made the top 10... well how about that!
The password feature lets you resume a previous campaign
Let's switch over to the Axis...
Classy gardening, ja?
Oooh, a medal!
Danger: enemy approaching the base!
Invading Poland
Say hello to Mr. ME-262!
The Panzers drive east...
Got me a nicely souped-up tank.
Plowing through Romania... or thereabouts.
They got my base.