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Team Yankee Credits

15 people


ProgrammingSteven W. Green, Richard T. Horrocks, John G. Wood
GraphicsKevin R. Ayre
DesignRichard L. Yapp, David M. Pringle
Based on the book byH. W. Coyle
Created bySteven W. Green, Richard T. Horrocks (Champie)
IBM PC ConversionThe Assembly Line
Addition Graphic DesignGareth B. Williams
Loading Sequence DesignRichard L. Yapp, John G. Wood
Millitary ConsultantWilfred Owen (sic)
Additional DesignPeter Hellings, David M. Pringle
Documentation Design and TypesettingAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Documentation DesignMarisa H. Pauwels
Team Yankee the computer game is based on the novel Team Yankee byHarold Coyle (Copyright 1987 Presidio Press)
Cover Artwork (UK)Steinar Lund (uncredited)

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