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Terminal Velocity Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
In the beginning the ship only has feeble lasers.
Approaching a ground target.
A turret on top of the hill
Incoming enemy
Lava planet
Approaching first planet (Cutscene)
Bandit just exploded in front of me. Sometimes they fall to the ground.
Before each planet you will have 3D briefing on your targets
Creepy planet from secret episode
Escaping exploding Moon Dagger (Cutscene)
Flying communication outpost
Flying over the supercomputer planet
Ice planet boss. Too easy.
In the mothership's hangar (Cutscene)
Inside Moon Dagger hangar
larva boss in secret planet tunnel
Lava planet tunnels
Lava planet. I think this is the hardest level.
Leaving mothership (Cutscene)
Mining planet tunnels
Mining planet. Destroy transport ships before they take off later.
Moon Dagger starship
Planet exploding (Cutscene)
Supercomputer's tunnels
This spider is much more scary when you bump into him in the tunnels
Travelling in the wormhole (Cutscene)
Watch out of helicopters, they fire missiles that do lot of damage.
You need to fly in supercomputer's canyon with multiply cannons placed on your way
Enter your name
Good, explosion is too loud
Last helicopter to destroy
Destroy guardian robots
hostile air force approaching!
Snowy terrain
Hostile build