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The Terminator Credits

55 people (35 developers, 20 thanks)


ProducerChristopher Weaver
DirectorJulian Lefay
Original ScreenplayGale Anne Hurd, James Cameron
Computer ScreenplayJulian Lefay, Craig Walton
Digital CinematographySheila McKisic
Computer GraphicsSheila McKisic, J. Rainey, Nancy Freeman (credited as N. Freeman)
Chief Code WriterJulian Lefay
Second Unit Code WriterCraig Walton
Sound EditorCraig Walton
DocumentationBob Hires (credited as B. Hires)
Key GripG. Eade
Post Production SupevisorsK. Farr, Christopher Weaver
MusicTom McMail
Alpha TestersJay Beale (as J. Beale), Paul Coletta (as P. Coletta)
Beta TestersTSCS Inc., S. Hiyek, J. Blake, Scott Morath (as S. Morath), N. Hunter, Jeff Lee (as J. Lee), W. Song
Screaming LadyM. S. Park
Security ConsultantsIntegrated Systems Inc.
AdvisorsEddie Dombrower (as E. Dombrower), Randy Linden (as R. Linden)
CateringGet It Yourself Inc.
Sons of ArtistKyle McKisic (as K. McKisic), Sheila McKisic (as S. McKisic)
Daughter of DirectorMorgan Lefay (as Morgan)
Pet of SoundManKelsey Laurel
Courier ServiceJ. M. McKisic (as Dr. J. M. McKisic)
List of CharactersKyle Reese [struct Player PlayerReese], The Terminator [struct Player PlayerTerminator], Sarah Connor [struct Player PlayerSarah], Dog [ [Stray dog]], Constabulary [struct Enemy EnemyStructs]
The directors wish to thankThe Wives, The kids, Rich Heimlich (as R. Heimlich), Ed Fletcher (as E. Fletcher), B. Russell, Petty Cash, ObjGen Construction Company, World Generator Inc, Caffeine, JulianVille Mayors Office, The Laws of Thermodynamics, Maxwell Equations, and a constant flow of secretaries and temps.
The directors do not wish to thankThe GlitchWitch, Exception Error Demon, The Keeper of the errant RET, Devils of the Memory Void, The Laws of Mathematics, The Laws of Physics
The programmers would like to express their apologies to SirIsaac Newton

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Credits for this game were contributed by JudgeDeadd (26819), ClydeFrog (10533), MusicFox (3186) and Trixter (9110)