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The Terminator Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Main menu
Using a car
Drug store
Overview map
You don't want to end up here.
You have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, though they all drive the same.
As Reese, you're saddled with protecting Sarah Connor. On the bright side, though, you *do* get to order her around.
Your physical status.
Any Terminator worth his salt--err, oil--checks the phone book upon emerging from time travel.
Another page of ads. Hmm... a firing range. Just the place for a tired Terminator to relax.
A botched bank robbery -- these futuristic mankind-hating cyborgs just have no subtlety.
A nice day for a stroll with a 9mm pistol, an AK-47 and an Uzi in my pocket. Don't you have assault rifles and submachineguns in yours?
Taking a little drive.
The sporting goods store
Aw, PLEASE let me into the bank! I just need to make a deposit! I promise I won't rob it again!
The local gun shop.
Playing The Terminator. Just stole a couple of guns from the gun store, and ready to do some hunting.
Targeting some hapless civilian
A poor police officer does not realize the size of the bite he has just taken.
The Terminator succeeds!
There he is! The Kindergarten Cop!
In-game map of the entire available gameworld. That's a lot of LA for 1991.