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Print advertisement - PC Player 061996:

    Strike Force Centauri hat einen Auftrag!

    „... Ab zum nächsten Laden und kaufen! Ein echter Hammer erwartet Sie! ...“
    PC Power, Boris Sander, 5/96, 89%

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    „... Die packende Hintergrundgeschichte und der rasante Spielablauf fesseln für lange Zeit vor den Bildschirm ...“
    PC Games, Oliver Menne, 5/96, 91%, Spiel des Monats



    Strike Force Centauri

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (205268) on Apr 10, 2010.

Print advertisement - PC Player 04/1996:
    Science Fiction
    war gestern!

    Das neue Action-Epos von den Flight Unlimited™-Designern


    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (205268) on Apr 09, 2010.

Back of Box:

    Terra Nova
    Strike Force Centauri

    From the creators of Ultima Underworld I & II and System Shock

    "Live fast, die young...

    How did the world get so ugly so fast? We were almost there, and then Gomez got scragged by a heavy turret and Slugger learned the difference between horseshoes and hand grenades. That left Rossi and me.

    "There's the dropship!" Rossi screams.
    "We're outta here, Nik!"

    "Rossi wait!" But it's too late. A particle beam turns Rossi into a smear on the landscape. The pirate sniper makes a quick sprint for cover... not quick enough.

    "Get aboard, Nikola!" your radio squawks. Suddenly, a hulking tank crests the hill launching a deadly hail of missiles at your position.

    The radio crackles: "Nikola? Nikola, are you there? Come in Squad Leader..."

    leave a pile of good looking corpses."

    Suit Up in Scout, Standard or Heavy Hi-Tech Powered Battle Armor depending upon your mission. Each suit bristles with particle beams, grenade launchers, missiles, thermal disruptors, jump jets, recon drones, mine layers, and other deadly tools of your trade.

    Take Charge of a crack unit of Strike Force Commandos trained to follow your lead. Assemble mission specific teams to face an increasingly cunning foe. Employ "fire and maneuver", diversions and other squad combat tactics. Send individual team members on special missions; or sometimes simply trust your buddies to get you out of hot water.

    Move Out into a fully rendered 3D outdoor environment. Fight your way through richly detailed worlds with realistic terrain and stunning atmospheric effects: rain falls, lightning strikes and clouds race across alien skies. Experience the shattering reality of 3D Q-Sound audio and a driving musical score. See the drama of the campaign unfold in full motion video sequences.

    Kick Butt across the bloody battlefields of four unique worlds where only your "combat smarts" will buy the squad a ticket home. With 39 missions plus a scenario editor for creating your own combat adventures. Terra Nova grabs hold and doesn't let go.

    Multiplayer Pack Coming!

    Contributed by Roedie (5253) on Dec 23, 2001.