Written by  :  Jim Fun (252)
Written on  :  May 02, 2002

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This is probably the best of the pretty much bad Test Drive series.

The Good

Life, life's everywhere in this game (including chickens!), and the game is actually much more bearable and enjoyable, more cars and all, and I like to drive slowly... And there's the ability to cruise out of the track! And I must not forget to say that this game is actually quite enjoyable and interesting!

The Bad

Like all previous games, this one's pretty boring, I don't exactly know why in the case of this game, but it still is! It's just boring, sounds weird but I'm quite sure that many people will agree with me!

The Bottom Line

One Word- Good! From OK to Better to Good, Test Drive games appear to be heading upwards! Worth 2 dollars, unlike the other games. (Which in my opinion aren't worth 1!) Buy it, download it, play it for some time, enjoy it, stop enjoying it, get bored, stop playing it