Test Drive III: The Passion Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main Screen
Car Selection Screen
Copy Protection
On the interstate
Chase car view
In front of a lighthouse and a cop
Title Screen (EGA)
Driving through fog banks along the coast
A nice little back road
Lamborghini Diablo (EGA)
Whoa! Looks like I took a wrong turn somewhere
Driver vs. Chicken: Flat Meat
Driver vs. Chicken II: The Killer Returns
Driver vs. Chicken III: The Slaughterhouse
Maybe jumping into the water wasn't a good idea
Looks like a shortcut - or certain crash
Bad weather conditions
Those barriers are coming down a bit late
Going up into the mountains...
...where it snows and the roads are icy
That was the last dead chicken, I promise!
The famous flying pickup truck
Ha! Police car got stuck in a crash (EGA)
Another suicide crossing (EGA)
Race section results (EGA)