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Test Drive III: The Passion Trivia (DOS)

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As a promotional gimmick, early purchasers of the game got a free car window shade featuring the box cover artwork. I've still got mine!

Contributed by Halmanator (604) on Apr 27, 2006. -- edit trivia

Version 1.0 of this game was humorously buggy to say the least. You could watch other cars drive in mid-air and burrow into the ground. Also, the game was not clock-timed, so it was impossible to play on anything faster than a 486.

Listed as one of the of the cars inside the game files is a "Toyota Tercel EZ". Is it possible you can drive one of those blue econoboxes? Hmm.

Contributed by Andy Voss (1876) on Dec 18, 1999. -- edit trivia

Humorous error (and other) messages found in the program executable:

AAAHHHH!! Unknown horrible hardware failure!!

NOTE: Turning MIDI sounds on may slow down the game.

BARF! Bad Course Data! REBOOT!

Wow, a TIE! How did that happen?

Contributed by Trixter (9122) on Dec 14, 1999. -- edit trivia

Accolade chose not to renew their business relationship with DSI for Test Drive 3 because DSI had, under a "psuedonym" (USI), used the same technology they developed for TD1 and TD2 in Outrun. Accolade sued them, claiming that they owned all the technology created for the Test Drive projects. (If memory serves, they settled out of court with DSI paying a settlement to Accolade.)

Contributed by Trixter (9122) on Dec 14, 1999. -- edit trivia

Running the game with fewer detail actually increased your chances of winning, as there were less trees off-road to block your way.

While the first two Test Drives were developed by Distinctive Software Inc, this one has been done in-house by Accolade (DSI did Stunts in about the same time). This resulted in many differences and enhancements over the first two games: some good and others really bad.

Contributed by Olivier Masse (450) on Jun 16, 1999. -- edit trivia