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Written by  :  Buuks (209)
Written on  :  Apr 03, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Great fun with easy building.

The Good

A little funny game to play. I liked this one more than the new one. You must build a theme park from the beginning somewhere in the world. And than you must take care of everything, there must be plenty of supllies for the guests, joyfull rides. And you must take care of the money. It is even possible to buy stocks from other themeparks in the world, so you can become the greatest theme-park-builder in the world.

The Bad

The animations are all the same. It doesn't matter hoe your park looks it still the same movies. But for the rest it is a great game.

The Bottom Line

The graphics aren't everything anymore, but this one stays fun to play. And when you like sims and never played this one, then you certainly play this one.