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Thor's Hammer Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Thors Hammer!
Select the episode
Episode 1
The letter
You leave the tavern
Out of the tavern... the tower!
You get into the tower
Start of game
Don't forget to talk to villagers!
All villagers look like this. The houses they dwell in are none too realistic.
Meet the very first enemy: bats! You're going to see a lot of them throughout the game.
The mini map is very handy for navigating dungeons.
A fireball trap.
A very Wolfenstein-y dungeon room with a health potion.
An orc guarding a key.
Various useful items can be found in treasure chests. This one contains a throwing axe.
In the abandoned mines.
One of the many unremarkable passages in the mines.
A nice view of the lake in the starting area.
The ladder leads to the lower levels of the dungeon.
A large underground hall filled with goblins.
Using fire magic against the goblins.
A goblin and a thief in the caverns.
Enemies are better taken care of one by one.
Usually the dungeons are cleared of enemies after the quest is completed, but this time you need to fight through all the way back up to the surface.
An encounter with a zombie near an underground lake.