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The Three Stooges Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Cinemaware... :-)
Title screen
Company logo
Introduction sequence
Day one
400 smackers in the middle of the street? Not damn likely.
Game over man, game over...
The Stooges are mistaken for waiters...
Here's what you have to do on this job.
We want our pies!
All right boys, give it to them! PIE FIGHT!
The radio shop.
Here's today's radio quiz.
You had better know your Stooge trivia if you want to make some fast bucks.
The hospital.
The Stooges on midget race cars racing down the hospital's halls. WATCH OUT!
Errr... Sorry about that mister!
The prize fight (EGA)
Looks like it just broke, Larry! (EGA)
Larry runs to the radio shop. (EGA)
Made it back in time! (EGA)
Looks like the Stooges are in the wrong game... (CGA)
The Three Stooges! (CGA)
What's the matter lady? (CGA)
Off we go... (CGA)
That might not be the best thing to say people! (CGA)
A paycheck (CGA)
Racing down the hospital's halls. (CGA)
Slapping arcade sequence. (EGA / TANDY)
The Evil Banker. (EGA / TANDY)
Curly gets ready for the Cracker Eating Contest. (EGA / TANDY)
Grab the crackers before the oysters do. (EGA / TANDY)
Curly is happy with the number of crackers he got. (EGA / TANDY)