Time Paradox Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen.
Intro: Traveller Kay (naked) is called by the Elders...
...to travel back in time and stop the witch Morgana.
Meet our heroine: Kay, scantily clad, nicely animated.
Kay arrives in the prehistoric age. Now where's Morgana?
Time Paradox is controlled by a standard set of verbs.
An oil barrel? Here? The timeline's integrity seems to be compromised.
Kay has to rummage through the undergrowth to find strange items.
Plant monster
Ghetto blaster
In the course of events, Kay deals with dinosaurs...
Rock heads
...walks over men...
Cave man
...whacks witches...
...and douses fire demons.
There's the time machine that messes up things in this age. Destroy it.
On to the next age: Kay jumps into a magic waterfall.
Kay arrives in the dark ages, the second Time Paradox stage (of two). And adapts her dress.
Getting to know local customs.
At the marketplace, Kay finds bellows for her inventory.
Chatting with a helpful dragon.
The magical pendant reveals Merlin's spellbook.
There she is! Kay confronts Morgana.