Toffifee: Fantasy Forest Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Very Interactive Sales Tools (VIST).
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Whatabout and copyright (german).
Main Menu (german).
The story begins: One evening the dwarfs were eating Toffifee chocolate...
...but then disappeared except one of them.
OK, let's go to find the friends.
Hmm, advertisement in the woods.
A checkpoint on the left and a shop on the right side.
End boss Nr 1.
Succeeded world 1/3.
Arrived in a cave, and there seem to be dragons, too.
Look, a dragon!
Checkpoint (can be found in every level).
Jumping on a sleeping dragonĀ“s paunch.
Having a break at a shop. Let's buy some nuts (hitpoints) or stones (ammo).
End boss Nr 2: It's hot in here.
Succeeded world 2/3.
A castle with ghosts, never seen before...
Let's swing.
Hurrying up, jumping and running.
End boss Nr 3, the evil sorcerer.
Succeeded world 3/3. OK, I was cheating.
Everybody is back at home again.
Congratulations, it's done. Everybody is saved and all are happy (german language).