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Tommy's Backgammon Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

All Tommy's Shareware Toys start with a screen like this
There are many screens of in- game instructions. The game is essentially reading a MS WORD document that resides in the installation directory. MS WORD is an easier way to read all this
This is a game in progress. It's the computer's turn and the game shows the planned moves in red in the lower left. Players moves are shown there but in white
The computer is winning, mainly because it threw an extraordinary number of doubles. The player is moving a token to station 25 to get it off the board, this move could also be expressed as 18-O
The computer wins. Even though the computer's pieces were shown in red it's still correct to sat 'Black Wins'
When the game exits the player is shown this shareware nag screen
The start of a monochrome game