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Tommy's Global Thermonuclear War Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

This is the first screen the player sees. A lot of Tommy's games start like this
The game's title screen
This is the game screen before a game starts. It is at the point where the player chooses sides
The first screen of the game's instructions
The game has a demo mode. Here it is playing by itself. Lots of missiles launched on both sides
When missiles get within five seconds of their target intercept missiles can be launched That's how Kansas, New York and Washington were been saved. Miami and Moscow are still at risk
It's called Mutually Assured destruction for a reason
This is a player vs computer game. The computer 'types' much faster and without making a mistake. Looks like the computer won but it lost Moscow
The game's exit screen
The game has a monochrome option. This is how the title screen looks when that is enabled
The game screen in monochrome