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Tomtris Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Password-protect your precious player profile!
Game type & level selection
Single-player game: player stats so far
Level one; note the graphical ranking meter on the right
The game keeps track of your scoring breakdown, too (bottom left)
Slide it in, baby
My pile runneth over.
Single-player high scores
In a team game all players accumulate the same stats
Two-player team mode features an extra-spacious pit
You can add a third player for that keyboard-jamming action
Competitive 2 player mode: collect mana by eliminating lines
Left player casts 'Micro Blox'
A three-player free-for-all
Rotate mode in action
The higher the level, the crazier the motion
On levels 10 and above, a barf bag may come in handy