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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 01/1996:


    Als Torin eines Tages nach Hause kommt, stellt er zu seinem Entsetzen fest, daß seine Eltern von der bösen Lycentia entführt wurden. Damit beginnt eine lange und gefährliche Reise, auf der Torin unmerklich erwachsen wird. Auf seinem Weg durch Strata kommt Torin in seltsame Welten, die von faszinierenden Leuten und merkwürdigen Kreaturen bewohnt sind. Torin's Passage ist, im Stile von King's Quest 7, das ideale Abenteuerspiel für die ganze Familie.
    3D-Steuerung, dazu digitalisierte Sprache und Soundeffekte sind Garanten für ein Spiel, dessen Interaktivität ihresgleichen sucht. Üppige Grafiken, komplett gezeichnete Bildschirme mit unübertroffen weichen Animationen, viel Humor, und das Ganze untermalt mit Musik von Michel Legrand, machen Torins Passage zu einem großartigen Multimediaspiel.

    Windows 95/Windows 3.1-kompatibel
    Deutsche Version

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (258413) on Apr 08, 2010.

From back of box:
    "Wickedly difficult puzzles." -PC Gamer


    Curse the quick thinking of the Arch Authority, snatching the child away before his doom was sealed. Had the lad been with the rest, surely my suffering would have ceased years ago. At last I have found him, but in a world of isolation and innocence. He has no idea of the twists and turns his life has taken thus far, nor the path I have planned for his very short future. Just let him try to discover the truth, and learn the secrets of Strata's five nested worlds.

    Watching his struggle will be an amusement. Facing him will be horribly wonderful.

    • A funny, fascinating story from the mind of Al Lowe, full of comical twists and surprises.

    • Travel to 5 unique worlds within worlds, with dozens of outrageous characters and humor.

    • Amazing multi-plane scrolling backgrounds, plus thousands of cels of hand-drawn animation.

    • All-digital speech, of course. Plus all-digital sound effects and incomparable all-digital music written by three-time Academy Award-winning composer Michel Legrand.

    • Exclusive new pop-up TelePrompTer you can access anytime within the game, for on-screen written and spoken dialogue. Optional closed-captioning.

    • Two 3-D inventories, one for you and one for your shapeshifting sidekick.

    • All-new, easy-to-use interface and menu bar lets you fast-forward or rewind and replay favorite scenes, save or restore at any time, and Auto-Save on exit.

    • Puzzles to challenge even the most experienced players; but program on-line hints ensure no one gets "stuck."

    Al Lowe, former high school band director, is the creator of the tremendously successfull Leisure Suit Larry® games. Here software's best-selling humorist combines his writing talent and comedic genius to create an adventure the whole family can enjoy together (although they may be laughing at completely different times).

    Contributed by Belboz (6578) on Apr 21, 2001.