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Torin's Passage Credits


Designer/WriterAl Lowe
ProducerMark Seibert
Lead AnimatorJim Murphy
Lead ProgrammerRob Kenny
Themes Composed byMichel Legrand
Music & Sound EffectsDavid Henry, Mark Seibert
ProgrammersMark Engelberg, Rob Kenny, Robert W. Lindsley, Don Munsil
Lead Background ArtistBruce Sharp
Background DesignerDon Hazeltine
AnimatorsAlberto Eufrasio, Jim Murphy, William O'Brian, Jason Zayas
SGI Alias Software ArtistKim White
Art TechsWilliam Todd Bryan, Bryan Wilkinson
Quality Assurance LeadKenny Smith
StoryboardsGuillermo Diaz
MusiciansDavid Henry, Mark Seibert, Al Lowe
Voice DirectorAl Lowe
Voice CastingAl Lowe, Mark Seibert
VoicesThe Actors Group
Recording StudioSierra Northwest Studio
Studio EngineerDavid Henry
DREAMS Software SpecialistDan Kehler
Beta TestersPeter Fisher, Linda Lindley, Wesley Litt, Geoffrey Keighley, Tom Marley, Dan Milano, Steve Porter, Della Rogers, Charles S. Solen, Mark Seney, Michael Shavelson
Configuration Testing LeadCindy Romero
Configuration Testing TeamKaren Austin, Michael Brosius, Joe Carper, John Cunney, Michael D. Jones, William Davis, Steve Deckert, Scott Howell, Jillian Leonard, Marsha McCarty, Mike Pickhinke, John Ratcliffe, Leonard Salas, Sharon Simmons, John Trauger, Paul Trowe
Animation & In-Between for LA WestTomislav Bestak, Darko Krec, Esad Ribic, Jurica Saravanja, Damir Semenov
Digital Ink & Paint for LA WestSnjezana Lisica, Lovorka Ostovic, Natasa Secki, Alan Sicar, Peggy Skrlec, Juraj Tezak, Daniela Tomicic
Scanner for LA WestAlan Sicar
Production Supervisor for LA WestJadranka Brecak
Director of Animation for LA WestIvan Tomicic
Production Coordinator for LA WestSusan McGirr
Supervising Animators for AnimotionDavid Hicock, Larry Royer
Animation for AnimotionMathew E. Lafleur, David Hicock, Apryl Knobbe Young, Michael L. Feather, Aaron P. McDowell, Larry Royer
Animation Assistants for AnimotionPatti Argoff, David Bleich, Christopher Field, James M. Burns, Marcus R. Gregory, Jennifer Robin, Matthew S. Filer, Aldo Thomas Lira, Jeff Whitaker, Guillermo Zubiaga
Computer Ink & Paint for AnimotionMarcus R. Gregory, Jennifer Robin, Peter Wynn
Creative Supervision for AnimotionDavid Hicock, Larry Royer, Bob Switalski
Paint Coordinator for AnimotionDick Moody
Digital Ink & Paint for AnimotionSteve Bogdanovich, Lisa Bohaty, Randy Bohaty, Angie Brown, Tim Brown, Brian Moody, Dick Moody, Michele Moody, Jim Turpen, Karen Turpen
Additional Animation for AnimotionLisa Kammerer, Dennis Kennedy, Caroline Lavelle Egan
Special Thanks ToAnne Boswell, Jerry Bowerman, Rebecca Buxton, Caprice Buzard, Mary Ellen Torres, Kathy Gilmore, Bill Moore, John Williams, Ken Williams, Zippy the Wonder lama, and to all the Moms + Dads + Husbands + Wifes + girlfriends + boyfriends + other importants celebrities - without them the game will be finished months earlier
Acting / VoiceoversKen Boynton (as Veder, Centipede, & Magician), Frank Corrado (as Pecand, Carpenter, & Dreep), Ted D'Arms (as Rupert, Judge, & Mr. Fahrman), Krisha Fairchild (as Mrs. Plant & Odalisque), John Rudolph Gilbert (as Herman, Acrobat, & Policeman), Tracey Leigh (as Di, Inchworm, & Smetana), Kathy Levin (as Mrs. Bitternut, Mrs. Fahrman, & Odalisque), Glenn Mazen (as Kurtzwell & Phenoface), Christine McMerdo Wallis (as Lycentia & Odalisque), Chuck McQuary (as Archer, Slim, & Tripe), Robert Nadir (Sam, Max, & Sap Tree), Shelly Rae Emil (as Assistant Director & Odalisque), Susan Ronn (as Leenah, Grass, & Billy Bitternut), Michael C. Schapiro (as Torin & Boogle), Stephan Weyte (as Rabbit, Zax, & Soldier), Robert Zenk (as Slime, Viscera, & Archivist)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ryan Prendiville (702) and formercontrib (158924)