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Chapter 1 - The Lands AboveContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41999) on Jul 31, 2006.

Torin is a young boy who lives in a little country house with his parents and with his dog-like friend Boogle. One day he returns home, only to find out that his parents were imprisoned in a magical spell. He must now travel to distant lands to free his parents from the curse, and to discover the truth about his own origin.

Torin's Passage is a humorous cartoon-style adventure aimed at children. You interact with characters and objects using a point-and-click interface. Boogle also joins you, and you can use his help when you get stuck in certain situations: he has the ability to change shapes and to turn itself into useful objects..

After watching the introduction sequence, you start at the road. One path leads down to Torin's house. First, move the “scroll handle”, the bar that is directly underneath the action screen, to the far left so that a bunch of berries is in view. Get some berries and then go down to Torin's house. When you arrive there, get the axe from the stump and the rope from the barn. Go inside the house. What a cozy place this is. Boogle will do a short transformation of the box in the back. Click on the table near the two sofa chairs to bring a close-up view of it. There is a tobacco pouch and some pipes on it. Get the pouch and exit the close-up. Now click on the basket which contains an inch worm. You can't just move the mouse over the inch worm. (The worm will just go in the opposite direction.) Instead, click the mouse while moving it, and eventually you will catch the worm. Once you get the worm, exit the house.

Head back to the road. There, move the scroll handle toward the far right and click on the hut/house. On the first visit, you will arrive at a screen with a lot of crystals. Click forward to finally arrive at the hut/house. Read the sign near it. Use your axe to chop a piece of blue crystal. Herman, the guard, will come out and will have a conversation with Torin. When he slams the door, knock on the door. Torin will be allowed in. Talk to Herman regarding a replacement. He tells you that he needs a feast before he will let you be his replacement. First on the list is some berry juice. You also have some berries in inventory, so give them to him. Next up is Spaggetti and Peatballs, the main course consisting of slugs and peat moss. You don't have the ingredients for this yet, so leave the hut/house.

Exit to the road. Move the scroll handle towards the river. See the path near the big tree that leads north? Take that path to arrive beside the peat moss bog. Climb Torin to the top most branch, then use the rope on Torin to tie a rope around the branch. Jump from the branch. Bunging his way down, Torin will manage to obtain a peat moss. Torin loses the bag on the moss in the process and now he can't climb anywhere. To the right of Torin is a tree branch. Click the mouse as close to the branch as possible (without having the mouse glowing) to make Torin swing. Click as much as possible to get Torin swinging hard, then click on the branch. If you have done this right, Torin will grab onto the branch and pull himself up, take the rope off and discard it, then flip over across to the other side. Boogle will get the peat moss bag and give it to Torin. Leave the area.

Climb the big tree. There are some snails sitting near the right side. Look at these snails then talk to them as much as possible. You will be told that they are willing to exchange information about obtaining the slugs if you give them a leaf. Exit the scene and climb down the tree on its left side. Now keep walking left until you see a path sitting between two sharp trees. Take it. You will be at a scene with a lot of leaves. In inventory, take Inchie the Worm and put him on the leaf close to the upper-right corner. Inchie will tell you that this is the biggest leaf of all. Torin tries to grab it, but kills Inchie in the process. Boogle will turn himself into an inch worm. Exit the scene and go back to the snails on the tree. Give them the leaf. The snails will tell Torin about slugs and moat scum. Torin will offer to take them to the castle moat nearby, which the snails agree to. Climb down the tree to the left and walk to where the berries are, then go down the path that is in front of them.

You arrive in an area where a castle and a town can be seen. Continue going down to the castle. You will see a moat here. Place the leaf with snails from inventory onto the moat. The snail thank Torin and give him some moat scum. Leave the area and go back to the road. Walk over to the right and you will notice some slugs racing up a tree very quickly. Place the moat scum on the tree. When Torin tries to catch them but fails, click on Boogle. Click on the Boogle-box and put it over the scum.

Note: Make sure to move as far left of the tree as you can, so that the slugs can come down.

The slugs will attempt to come down and eat the scum, but while they are doing their business, Boogle will be a good little dog and capture the slugs for you. This done, go back to Herman and hand him the slugs or the peat moss. Herman will demand dessert, and for dessert, it's root. Leave the hut/house and return to the road. To the left of you is a strange tree that has branches turned 90 degrees. There is a root at its base. Use the axe to cut the root off, and then get it. Now go back to the hut/house and give the root to Herman. Torin will make the dessert for him, and he will be shown the secret room. This is where Herman kisses you goodbye. In this room is a podium. Click on the podium.

Welcome to the first puzzle of the game. Before you is a console with four colored slots: red, green, blue, and white, respectively. There are also four pillars. The buttons must be pressed by placing the clear shard into it. You need to have all pillars down, so put the crystal shard into the holes as follows: white (x3), blue, green, red, white, blue, green, blue, red. If the clear shard is already in a slot and you want to remove it, just click on it to remove it and then place it into the next slot.

Note: When you place the crystal shard into the white button, it shifts all the colors to the left.

All four pillars should be down. Leave the close-up and head over to in front of the pillar with the bowl on the pole. Fill the tobacco pouch with sand inside the pouch, and click the pouch on the phenocryst, the huge blue gem at the back. Torin stands where the pillars were and throws up some sand. He will get sucked into the phenocryst. Chapter 1 complete.

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