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Chapter 2 - EscarpaContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41999) on Jul 31, 2006.

Torin will be zapped out of the phenocryst into the land of Escarpa, one strata lower than the previous. When he arrives here, he will fall on one of the trees, then onto a ledge, taking with him a piece of the tile stuck to the mountain. He will pick this tile up. Click the mouse on the green tile in the mountain on the left. Torin will cause it to fall. When it does, he will then pick it up. Climb the stairs to the left. You will see a door here. Open it and you will arrive in a black-and-white TV show titled The Bitternuts.

Mrs. Bitternut is sitting on her chair, while her mute husband is cooking something. Family portraits sit on the mantelpiece. Torin will knock on the door. Wait until Mrs. Bitternut lets you in and finishes talking about you, then enter the house. Once you are inside, Boogle will look at the two items and transform into them. Bobby will also come out of his room. Talk to Ms. Bitternut as much as you can to find out about King Rupert, Queen Di, and Leenah. Notice the green tile on the table, but you cannot take it right now. Leave their home and head down the stairs. There is a washing lady next to an opening who will not talk to you. Go through the opening and walk across the bridge to arrive in King Rupert's court. Queen Di is also there, sitting in the throne with him. There is some tiles on the floor, and a bunch of crystal shards on the ceiling, but it looks strange. Torin will automatically talk to the king and queen.

Talk to the king as much as possible until Di gives you her locket. Once you have it, take it in inventory and place it on the scanning platform. Now click on the locket to open it. Inside is a picture of the king and queen. Click on the hole in the crystal shard collection. Rupert will tell you that he needs to finish the collection. Place the blue crystal from inventory over the hole. As a thank you, Rupert will give you an invitation to the Royal Ball. Look at the green tiles on the floor. Rupert refuses to give it to you without a very good reason. Exit the close-up. Head for the table near the back left, and pick up the leg of meat. Leave the court and go across the bridge to the other.

Go back to the Bitternuts, and hand the invitation to Ms. Bitternuts. Torin will be told that he is free to take anything from her home for your journey. Take the green tile from the table and go back outside. Go back to where Mrs. Wishy-Washy is, and climb down the stairs near here to arrive at a cave and a ramp/slide. Enter the cave and get the tile on the far left side. A small hole is revealed with a bad stink behind it. Click on Boogle, then click on Boogle-worm over the hole, which will enable Boogle to go to the other side. When Boogle gets there, he will find out that the area is very dark. Click on Boogle-lantern in the dark area to brighten up the place. Click on Boogle-shovel to collect the dung. Click on Boogle-worm on the hole again to make Boogle return with the dragon's dung in hand. He will hand over the dragon's dung to Torin. Exit the cave.

Once outside, climb down the set of stairs. You will see a two-headed vulture in a nest and a stairway leading up, which cannot be taken while the vultures are present. Talk to them as much as possible until one of the head mentions that the other head wants a flying dead meat before they would move. Climb back up the stairs. Take the meat from inventory and use it on the ramp. After Torin slides the meat down the ramp and gets rid of the vultures, return to the nest and take the stairs up. This will take Torin to two ledges with a gap between. Go across the gap to the other side, then go down the side of the mountain to arrive at the balcony entrance of the foyer to the baths. Now proceed further.

When you get to the baths, make sure that the scroll handle is to the left. Grab the tile near the stand closest to the entrance. Move the scroll handle to where the pillows are and click on them to take you there. Take the feather fan, then take both the soft light blue pillow and the red seraglio carpet on the floor. Next, move the scroll handle to the very right to notice a rickety ladder and a sign. Take the sign. Leave the foyer and go back to Mrs. Wishy-Washy.

Give the sign to her and she will wash it for you. She also hands you a green tile. There are some socks being dried near the front. Take the clothespin near them. Now go back to the gap and cross it to the other side. Go up into the hole. Some skunks appear, blocking Torin's path. Keep talking to the skunks until they tell you that nothing he can do to make them move. Place the clothespin over your nose, and use the carpet on the skunks to shield Torin from their gaseous stink fluid which they shoot you with. The skunks will now flee. Go through to the other side of the tunnel.

You will head upward to Veder, an old man thinking. Talk to him thrice to get his attention. Talk to him until he talks about his “derrierre”. Give him the soft pillow and he will give you a green tile. Now return to foyer entrance balcony. There, move the scroll handle on the right side of the screen all the way down. Drop the stinky rug onto the balcony below yours, then take the feather fan and use it on the rug. You will cause a foul odor to flow though the baths, causing all the women to run away. Once they have gone, walk to the ladder and click on Boogle. Use the Boogle-yo-yo on the ladder to make Boogle go down as a yo-yo and transform back into himself. At the baths, click on the green tile. After you get the tile, exit Boogle through the opening where the women went. Boogle will cause a commotion with the women and then return to you and hand you a tile. Leave the area and go to the nest.

Use the scroll handle and scroll it down all the way to the bottom. Use the dragon poo to fertilize the small tree. After the tree grows big enough, climb down, and return to the court. Try getting the tile from the floor again. Torin will give reasons why he should have it, and Rupert lets him. Take the tile and return to the tile room.

You should have nine tiles. Place the tiles onto the wall and re arrange by changing places and rotating them until you create the rest of the statue. If you are having trouble with it, then print out a copy of the tile puzzle. If you did everything correctly, the tiles will morph into a stone head that speaks to you. It will reveal the phenocryst behind it. Once the phenocryst is revealed, use the powder from the tobacco pouch on the phenocryst. Chapter 2 complete.

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