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Chapter 3 - PergolaContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41999) on Jul 31, 2006.

Torin arrives in Pergola. To start you off, click in any direction and Torin will fall down even more and land on the ground unconscious. While Torin is unconscious, small little creatures, the Pergolians, will tie you up. Click on the small creatures to make Torin wake up and struggle against the ropes that bind him. The leader will arrive and explain to Torin that another of their captives will not co-operate.

When the leader leaves, move the scroll handle to the right and click on the captive. Talk to her as much as possible. When she has nothing more to say, show her the locket. Torin finds out that her name is Leenah, and she will ask him to cut her loose with her knife from her boot. So get the knife and use it to cut the ropes that bind her. Leenah thanks Torin and takes him to a, where Torin starts falling for her. Boogle will transform into a nurse hat and back again. The leader will return again and show you the way to the phenocryst to get out of Pergola.

To do this, you must solve the first puzzle in this chapter, which consists of a pentagram that has little robed Pergolians scattered around a platform. To solve this puzzle, concentrate on the five lines within the star and the colors on each of the Ostiaries, and match their color in each of the five lines (i.e. One line consisting of Pergolans with blue arms, another with red sashes, one with purple robes, and one line with green hoods) Refer to the pentagram puzzle for help. After you have solved the first puzzle, the platform Torin is standing on will rise until you hit the second and last puzzle. (Leenah joins you for the ride.) In this puzzle, there are two groups of 5 Ostiaries.

Get the female group on the left side and the male group on the right side. After you do this, you need to sort them in singing note order, with the female group from low note to high note, and the male group from high note to low note. Click on the rod on the conductor's stand on either group to get that group to sing in their order (from left to right). Now you must place the groups in the proper order. Do not use the conductor's rod as a mouse pointer when getting each of the Ostiaries to sing their note. When each Ostiaries sing their notes, two others within their group will exchange places. So keep watch on who will move. If you can't work this puzzle out, refer here.

When you have solved the female group, the phenocryst leading to Escarpa will be revealed. When you have solved the male group, the phenocryst leading to Asthenia will be revealed. When both phenocrysts have been opened, Leenah and Torin will say their good-byes and Torin will throw the powder in the air for the both of them, taking them into the phenocryst. Chapter 3 complete.

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