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Chapter 5 - TenebrousContributed by Katakis | カタキス (41999) on Jul 31, 2006.

The final chapter of the games starts off with Torin landing unconscious after colliding with a metal pole. Transform Boogle into a nurse. After Boogle wakes Torin with the ammonia wipe, have Torin climb up the boxes. When you get up there, use the knife from your inventory on the air conditioner grate. After Torin busts open the grate, he and Boogle will make their way through the conduit. Click on the left directional arrow. When the conduit is at the top of the screen, click on the left directional arrow. Shortly, Torin will approach the middle when the game's built-in menu suddenly appears. This is not a bug, but one of the jokes that the development team planted into the game. Do what Torin tells you and click the menu off. Do as he says. He will continue through the conduit, and he and Boogle will fall. Torin gets arrested by police for cruelty for plants and is landed in jail, while Boogle gets kidnapped by Dreep. Torin gets a warning from the judge not to make one mistake or he will be thrown into the Null Void.

When Torin is back outside, talk to the huge sunflower. Repeat this until she talks about the archivist, in the amphitheater, and getting rid of silkworms. Click on the spot located underneath the sunflower. You will see a close-up where four silkworms are eating leaves. Try to catch them. Leave the close-up. See the dawburry plant on the left? One of them is weak. Grab a dawburry blossom and head left. Here, talk to the tree who will tell you his tales of woes. Keep talking to it until you can talk no more, then after that, use the dawburry blossom to get the tear of sap that it produces. With this in inventory, return to the silkworms and place a sap on each of the four leaves. Once they are trapped in the sap, get all of them.

Talk to the sunflower and Torin will be told that silkworms can create a duplicate of anything into silk. Go back to the tree. After having done the job for the sunflower, the grassy slope will allow you to you pass. Move the mouse cursor over areas of the grassy slope until you hear the silkworms say: "yes", "okay", "uh-huh", and “yay!”. Click on that area to move Torin to there. Repeat the process until Torin gets to the other side. Once on the other side, Torin steps on a flower and heads toward the amphitheater's backstage. Enter.

On backstage, a caterpillar will put his top hat and cane down on the table. Get both of them. After you grab the cane, move the "scroll handle", and you'll notice the scene will do a wrap around, which will come in handy later. Talk to the rabbit with the apple on its head. After he and the archer is told that they are to quit, get the bow and talk to the rabbit. If you talk to him long enough, he will tell you his name and that he is looking for a new profession. Present him with the top hat, and the rabbit will get into the hat. Now go right and take the poster from the wall. Talk to Zippee, the blind magician. Keep talking to him until he tells you that he is looking for a new trick. Present him the rabbit in the hat. The magician can't do a magic trick without his magic wand and asks you to get one for him.

Keep moving the scroll handle until you see an aerobatics couple doing aerobatics. They will drop a resin, but you can't get that right now. Get the bagpipes from the shelf to the right of the magician, and head right to the archivist, who is sitting at the crystal piano. Talk to him until he talks about Lycentia, the Null Void, recordings, and acquiring Torin's voice on crystal. He will given Torin a sample of Lycentia's voice recorded on crystal, as well as a “crystcorder”. Place this on the scanning platform, and click on the play button. Place the Lycentia's voice crystal in the top slot and make sure that the crystcorder is off. Remove it from the scanning platform.

Now move the scroll handle until you see the carpenter. You also see the carpenter's saw here. He won't let you get it. Talk to the carpenter until the last conversation gets repeated. When you are done with him, go over to the stage manager and talk to her until she repeats herself. When you are through with her, move the scroll handle a bit so that the carpenter is not in view and back again. The carpenter should have disappeared, but he left his saw behind. Get the saw and move it over the cane. This will make the cane into a magic wand. Return to Zippee and give him the magic wand. Zippee will tell you he needs a kerchief to complete the magic (Oh, Brother). Get the silkworm from inventory and put it over the poster, then hand the resulting kerchief to Zippee. Zippee will give you his magic book in return.

Move the scroll handle to the right until the aerobatics couple is gone from view and back again until both of them disappear. Get the resin from the floor, then use it on the bow to slicken it. The stage manager will tell you you're next, so go through the side of the curtain (behind her), and walk onto the stage. Click the saw on Torin. He will make a rather poor performance, and gets arrested by the police for impersonating a singer. Torin will be sent to the judge, who sentences him to an eternity into the Null Void. The Police pushes Torin against a wall, smashing the Lycentia crystal to pieces and then pushes Torin into the Null Void.

Once in the Null Void, place the crystcorder on the scanning platform and notice that the crystal is in pieces. Play the crystcorder and manipulate the crystals so that the crystcorder only says “Dreep, come here”. Now throw it into the Null Void. You have to make your way toward the door in the lower-right hand corner, and the way to do it is to get out the bagpipes and click them on Torin. The bagpipes allow you to travel in six directions: north, east, south, west, away, close. The longer you click on the arrow, the harder you will breath and move in that direction. Go toward the door and reach it. When you get to the door, you will be upside-down. Ring the doorbell and go across to the other side of the doorstep. (Torin should be standing upside right. Dreep will come out and head towards the crystcorder. Go through the door.

When Torin encounters Lycentia, who has got her back turned to him, use the magic book on her to create an event that ends with Lycentia falling to the floor because of her neck restraint. Touch her neck brace to release Lycentia from it. She also comes to her senses and realizes who Torin is. Pecand will appear to battle with Lycentia. Climb Torin up to the ledge below the crystal and use the magic book on Pecand. Now enjoy the final animation.

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