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Total Meltdown Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Starting level "2ssubway".
You can't tell in a still image, but I'm currently standing on a moving platform -- the "subway". Not very sub, admittedly.
Starting level "3arenas".
Hm, an intriguing view
Think I'll just go on a little spacewalk to check it out. (Disappointingly, they're pixelated scale model sprites about a dozen paces further.)
With a name like that, this pit looks like a good place not to get stuck.
Every space station needs some astro-tarts. Barbarella, anybody?
You can't tell, but I've just shrunk this exotic dancer... and may be about to squish her with my boot. Somewhere, an internet pervert just got his wings.
Is there nowhere these kids won't manage to sneak their tags?
Starting the "alcatraz" level, birdman.
The map suggests a secret exit behind the poster but I couldn't figure out how to trigger it.
Welcome to the "amtrak" level!
I know... with a name like "Amtrak" you were probably expecting trains, not SCUBA! It's a little platform that runs around the pond's edge.
Starting the "Atlantis" level.
This is kind of like TV, but where are the ads?
We're about to discover why this level is called "Atlantis"...
Starting the "bar2play" level.
This is what game designers refer to as the "epilepsy room".
I guess this is the coat check?
Start of the "Blitz" level, which I surmise has little to do with London in WWII.
Starting the "Canyon" level.
Starting the "Hell" level.
Yes, you look right at home.
Ever wanted to deathmatch in a hockey arena? Now you can.
Check out those pom-poms!
Somehow when I saw the level name "Indy2" I was expecting a bit more "Temple of Doom" and a bit less racetrack.
In the "lunar" level
What? These are spacesuit lockups and not bathroom stalls? Uhh... I've made a terrible mistake!
Is this really a reference to the Jaleco coin-op? Somehow, I doubt it.
Some wit has charmingly named this level "sluts".
Hm... a channel full of some noxious fluid running through a strip bar. Excuse me while I throw up.
With a name like "tport", you can guess what the primary play dynamic of this level will be.
My pipe bomb disappears in a teleporter, sure to frag... whatever is on the other end.