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The Tracer Sanction Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

title screen
meeting with the boss on Mongo
fuel station
the chart of the galaxy
your spaceship
the control panel
cargo storage
meeting with another agent
meeting with the jewler
the line for the information booth
a tavern
mad hermit
bridge across a ravine
meeting with Egnad
Mentor's castle
a fancy bedroom
the library
hidden room
the monkey cage
a computer gamer
outside the casino
the ubiquitous maze
meeting with Wing
hidden picture #1
hidden picture #2
Map shop.
Street on the planet Sonex.
Dingy alleyway.
A road.
Inside the hermit's hut.
Dark cave.
Inside cave.
Old mining camp.
More of the park.
Underground passage.
Found money!

Commodore 64 version

The main menu.
In your ship's storage room.
On a street on the planet Sonex.
A fellow agent!
In an alleyway.
In the hermit's hut, a dumpy place.
He looks mad!
In a cave.
In a mine shaft.
A desert.
This guy is nutso!
Your boss.
It's Egnad the android...
An opening!
On the road to the castle.
The castle.
A bedroom.
The maids chamber.
A sword!
In a sewer...
On a street.
Your mission: to catch the Wing!
In the Golden Sol...
In a hallway.
The gas station.
The chart lady.
Your ship.
A junkyard.
At the controls of your ship.
Jeweler's shop.
People standing in line to use an info booth. Apparently, they don't have Google on this planet...
A shovel.
Road to a cave.
Grumpy old man at the park.
Underground passage.
Underground tunnel.
Getting some help from the Condor.
Corner of the castle.
Weapons room in the castle.

PC Booter version

Title Screen
Your first mission
Buy fuel
Your spaceship
Storage room in space ship
Somewhere in Sonex
Meeting with another agent
The chart shop.
The jeweler's shop.
Inside the hermit's hut.
The hermit is mad!
In a mine.
In the desert.
These guy is psyhco.
It's Egnad the android!
The old man dosen't like to be messed with!
On Earth.
Outside Mentore's castle.
Look! A rope!
A plush bedroom.
In a library.
A sword in a stone?
The condor.
On Metropolis VII.
In the bank.
A bum.
The software store.
Outside the casino.
In the Golden Sol.
A door.
The Wing!
A sunny room...
Title screen (composite monitor)
Fill 'er up! (composite monitor)
A star chart may prove useful (composite monitor)
Out on the docks (composite monitor)
Our first interstellar flight... (composite monitor)
A street on Sonex (composite monitor)
At the jeweler's (composite monitor)
A beat-up shack on Jubilex (composite monitor)
Cornered by Mr. Crazy-eyes (composite monitor)
Redecorating a cave (composite monitor)
In the deserts of Brenon (composite monitor)
Every planet has its jerks, I guess. (composite monitor)
Egad, it's Egnad! (composite monitor)
Outside a castle on Earth (composite monitor)
Time to hit the books? (composite monitor)
A mess in the cargo hold (composite monitor)
Metropolis VII sure looks busy. (composite monitor)