Transport Tycoon Deluxe Credits


DesignChristopher Sawyer
ProgrammingChristopher Sawyer
Music / Sound ProgrammingAndrew Parton
Graphics / ArtworkSimon Foster
Editiorial WorkAlkis Alkiviades
MusicJohn Broomhall
SoundAndrew Parton
ProducerMike Rudderham
Quality AssuranceDarren Kirby, Craig Lear, Andrew Luckett, Daniel Luton, Justin Manning, Philip McDonnell, Jason Sampson, Patrice Stauder, Donald Witcombe
Manual AuthorRick Haslam
Package DesignSarah Warburton
Manual Design & LayoutSarah Kerr
Product ManagerAdrian Turner
EditorRob Davies, Peter Moreland
Special Thanks ToJacqui Lyons

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Credits for this game were contributed by robotriot (9071), IJan (1999) and formercontrib (159455)