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Back of the Box:
    Weaklings Beware! The Empire Has Come To Call!

    Your legions have a galaxy of planets to conquer!

    From the creators of the Star Fleet series comes Star Legions. You command a mighty Imperial invasion fleet assigned to destroy the hated Alliance and cure the galaxy of the plague of democracy. Only the strong deserve to survive and rule!

    Each new planet is a fresh challenge. Bombard it with your battlecruisers and destroyers. Assault its critical sites with your elite shock troops, then follow them with waves of heavily armored warriors. City after city falls, the enemy military forces are crushed, and the planet is finally added to the glorious Empire!

    From your Invasion Command Console--a unique advanced graphic interface by Brett Keeton--aboard your orbiting flagship, you can view the progress of the conquest on any of four scales, ranging from the entire planet down to a few city blocks.

    Your victories bring you rewards and honors, leading you to your ultimate goal of gaining the Empire's most noble rank--Imperial Tribune!

    But until then, there is always another planet to conquer. From balls of ice and snow to spheres of sand and sun, from harsh mountain worlds to lush jungle worlds, all await imperial conquest by the Star Legions!

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3234) on Jun 16, 2001.