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Triplane Turmoil Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen.
The main game menu is quite cleverly done.
A mission briefing for single-player mode.
Information about the pilot.
Being shot down by a bunch of riflemen -- oh, the indignity of it all.
Assigning player to a specific country.
Selecting first mission for Germany.
Flying over an enemy flak gun.
The enemy base; each end of the game area is bounded by mountains.
Of course, splitscreen multiplayer mode is where TT truly shines.
Each player must defend her own base and attack enemy bases.
The yellow plane is about to bomb the red base...
As visible here, planes can release multiple bombs simultaneously.
The red base burning after a successful bomb attack.
An urban level.
A winter level; a Christmas tree!
An island-hopping level.
The desert level; note the plane being shot down by the flak gun at bottom.
the developer logo
keyboard/joystick configuration
the options screen