Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

A well-written text introduction opens the game
The title screen lets you start a new game or load from five save slots
Character creation
Adventurer's Guilds allow you to switch party members and recruit new ones
Additional party members can also be obtained at class-specific guilds
While in town, stock up on equipment
The character status screen shows a portrait, stats, and lets you view their inventory and equipment
Inventory and equipment is managed on one screen
The Party menu in battle lets you choose between automatic computer-controlled fighting or manual fighting
The battle unfolds
Winning a battle gives characters experience
The wilderness outside of town
Story events appear randomly
You can also buy horses which allow characters to move faster
There are a lot of "mini" quests that you may choose to complete. The Netmaster is one of the first challenges you may complete early in the game.
The City of Gull is full of surprises, especially down in the sewers. Early in the game this will be your unofficial "combat training" place. You even have a demon guide down here...
Damsel in distress or a trap?
This demon-looking wraith is the most powerful being in the sewers, but gambling with him will provide lots of experience as well as expensive jewels (if you win...or you die losing)
Healers exist in most cities, providing treatment for injuries, disease, poisoning, this particular healer can provide limb transplant if you seem lacking an arm or two!
Exploring can be dangerous, but sometimes the brave (or reckless) maybe rewarded with great treasures. This tomb must have a trinket or two of some value...
Some events have different approaches you may choose from, just make sure you remembered to save your game often in case you chose the wrong option!
Manual lookup copy protection.