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Tush-Tush: HaGibor HaMistory DOS Tush-Tush


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Tush-Tush: HaGibor HaMistory Credits


Systems AnalysisTupik Krymov
ScriptJagosh Kalezich, Ori Gross, Gil Zemmek
Voice Production and DirectionGil Zemmek
ActorsDadi Zohar, Gil Zemmek, Yehoyachin Friedlander, Orly Raz, Adi Binyaminov, Ori Gross
Games DesignTupik Krymov, Jagosh Kalezich
ProgrammingTupik Krymov
Head Animator and Artistic DesignJagosh Kalezich
2D Animation and GraphicsShay Adar, Andrey Chernobay, Marina Nogin
3D AccessorizationClaude Vuille, Shahar Inbar
Scenes ColoringEinat Bar
Music and Sound EffectsAviv Kordich, Uri Reuven
Special ThanksOren Obstblum, David Mauice
Project NavigationZili Shtarkman
Project ManagerMiri Lachovitz
Head ManagerTamir Segal
Tush Tush and Additional CharactersJagosh Kalezich

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