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Twins Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Intro: one of the brothers hits on a woman...
...while the other does seemingly nothing bad...
...but gets caught! How unfair! So maybe he did do something?..
Released from prison!
Hmm... it's going to be pretty hard to solve this...
...and THIS is not helping!... :()
Password screen
Discussing future plans
How to get past the dog?..
Maybe this guy can help?..
Better get those cables checked.
Driving level, you have to gather some things and avoid the cops here.
How can we break into this gallery?
Dude, don't touch my stuff!
The inventory screen. I love the prison cell style they used and how the character puts his hands on the items you pick.
If the camera captures you it's an instant game over.
Fighting the elusive Mr. X.
It's all your fault that I'm dead.
Looks like we'll have to follow Mr. X on foot.
Once your car gets stuck, you have to maneuver in the dark.
This is a very frustrating level, not to mention that you can get run over by other cars.
Fighting Mr. X in the forest
Better figure out a way through before I turn into a feast.
You can run, Mr. X, but you can't hide.
How do I catch this chicken?
What a spooky place.
Better run before he kills me.
You look familiar. I swear I've seen you before...
Another fight with Mr. X in some cave.
Chasing Mr. X again.
I have a health bar now???