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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:


    Little Big Adventure 2, also known as Twinsen's Odyssey is the sequel of Little Big Adventure (also known as Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) in which you've liberated the world from its evil dictator.

    In this new adventure, he finds out that there are some visitors from outer space who arrived on his planet. Nobody knows why they came but our hero embarks out on a quest for the good once again. He needs to travel across the galaxy, defeat the aliens and their evil god to save the world.

    Like its predecessor, Little Big Adventure 2 is an adventure game with action elements, a well-written story, memorable characters and a lot of humor.
  • 6 languages available: Audio and Text: English, German, French - Text: Spanish, Italian, portuguese
  • A sequel to Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure
  • A memorable adventure
  • A great soundtrack

  • Contributed by Arejarn (4447) on Nov 20, 2018.

Italian distributor's website (PC version):
    Il seguito delle avventure di Twinsen è finalmente arrivato, dopo una lunga ma fruttuosa attesa di due anni e mezzo! Dopo la sua terribile avventura contro il malvagio Fun-Rock, il nostro eroe Twinsen si sta godendo un po' di meritato riposo nel mondo che egli ha riportato in pace ed armonia. Ma pace e tranquillità non durano mai a lungo.... Questa avventura comincia con lo scoppio di una terribile tempesta, terrorizzando gli abitanti del pianeta Twinsun. Twinsen e i suoi amici sono testimoni dell'arrivo degli Esmer, degli strani esseri provenienti dal lontano pianeta Zeelich. Perchè sono venuti? Che cosa vorranno? Lo saprai guidando Twinsen in questa magica avventura attraverso un fantastico mondo 3D che andrà al di là di ogni tuo sogno ed emozione.

    Contributed by jean-louis (34538) on Jan 03, 2015.

Print advertisement - PC Player 09/1997:

    Für Sie geht er bis ans Ende der Welt ...

    little big adventure

    Für Windows 95 und MS-DOS

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (223305) on Apr 15, 2010.

PC Gamer magazine Vol 4. No. 7 - July 1997, pp.172-173:

    Where your imagination goes after it leaves your head

    - Take a mind-altering voyage on an epic, 3-D action-adventure with over 60 hours of gameplay.

    - Pilot flying dinosaurs, dune buggies and space ships to explore over 200 stunning environments on three planets.

    - Choose from four behaviors to confront over 200 alien beings, such as Paratrooping Hot Dogs and Sniper Cacti.

    - Use Twinsen's quick reflexes, magic and ingenuity to save the planet from the Dark Monk and his evil alien army.

    "Take elements of Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Super Mario 64 and you're just beginning to scratch the surface of Twinsen's Odyssey -- a genre-busting 3-D extravaganza." -- Computer Gaming World

    In orbit this summer.


    The sequel to Relentless (Little Big Adventure) from the creator of Alone in the Dark and Time Commando.

    Product Information Number 84

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (61113) on Jan 15, 2006.

Back of Box - Windows & Dos (US):
    Twinsen, the plucky hero of Relentless, returns to face his greatest challenge ever. When strange aliens arrive from a neighboring planet and begin kidnapping magicians and children, Twinsen uncovers a diabolical plot to obliterate his homeworld.

    In an epic adventure that will propel him across the galaxy, Twinsen must defeat the aliens and their evil god, the Dark Monk, and sve his planet.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76485) on Apr 10, 2005.

UK Release Back Cover:
    He'll go to the ends of the earth for you......

    Over 300 real time animated 3D characters with texture mapped polygons and lighting effects in 256 colors.

    Talk, explore, fight, drive, fly and let your imagination run wild.

    Interiors in pre-rendered isometric 3D, exterior in true perspective texture-mapped 3D with multiple camera views.

    Explore over 220 locations on 3 planets.

    Twinsen is back....
    In the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed adventure games ever, Twinsen and his friends are witness to the arrival of the Esmers strange visitors from the distant planet Zeelich.

    Why are they on your home world, what do they want?....

    All the answers are revealed as you guide Twinsen on a magical adventure through a fantastical 3D world beyond your wildest dreams and emotions.

    Contributed by analoguedragon (73) on Jun 28, 2003.

Inside Cover - US Release:
    Where your Imagination Goes after it leaves your head!

    Contributed by ROFLBLAH (366) on Jun 24, 2000.