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Ultima Collection Credits (DOS)

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ESRB Rating
Special Edition
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Ultima Collection Credits


ProducerRichard Garriott
DirectorJeff Morris
Lead ProgrammerMyque Ouellette
ProgrammerGrant McDaniel
ArtTonda Mueller
DocumentationIncan Monkey God Studios
DocumentationDavid Ladyman, Chris W. McCubbin
Product ManagerBrian Allen
Director of Product SupportKay Gilmore
QA SupervisorEvan Brandt
QA TestersSmithy Blackwell, Lori Branham, Dustin Cryer, Mack Fair, Jason McGee, Courtney McMillan, Gabe Nickelson, Dee R. Starns, Paul Vaden
Customer SupportRick C. Holtrop, Michael Pickett, Michael Sanchez

Electronic Arts - Europe

Product ManagerElizabeth Egan
Graphic DesignerAnita K. Legg
Quality AssuranceSimon Romans

Akalabeth PC Conversion Credits

Written byRichard Garriott
PC conversion byCorey Roth
Special assistance byNathan Tucker
Greets and Thanx go out toJake Groshong, Ronny McCrory, Adrian Dilley, Russell Kabir, James Ashley, Chris Harjo, and everyone else out there who helped me out.
This game made possible byOrigin, JUiCEY Bird Productions

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