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Written by  :  TheNightWalker (16)
Written on  :  Aug 27, 2004
Platform  :  DOS

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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

The Good

Ultima IV is one of the most original games in history and this is the game that made Ultima so famous and led a large cult following. Why? because back then (and even today) RPGs are all about killing the main bad guy and find treasure. But with Ultima IV everything changed. There is no end boss an the point of the game is to master the eight virtues and become an Avatar the champion of virtues. There is no religion in Ultima IV but the 8 virtues can be described as a philosophy that the people follow, a way of life. Another thing worth mentioning is that the music is very good and the game offers a lot of exploration in the fantastic world of Brittania. This game can be tough and long if you don't use any guides but if you have a ton of other games to finish just use guides to find the mantra's and rune locations etc.

The Bad

The battle system and magic system is kinda poor. I found myself getting bored and was it was annoying at times. You can't even keep your spells and you have to worry about reagents. But Ultima's where always different from other rpg's.

The Bottom Line

This is a must for any RPG fan and see how much Ultima IV did to the game industry.