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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Intro: taking a stroll one day, you discover something...
Intro: you meet a mysterious gypsy woman
Character generation: answer a series of ethical questions to determine your class, stats, and starting location
And the adventure begins!..
Early in the game - you are lonely, penniless, and weak. But look, nearby is a town, and in front of you is a moongate!..
Lord British is looking good as usual
Ambush! Time to see if those exercise videos have paid off...
A full party is camping
Magic gems are very helpful, showing you a rough map of the surroundings
Ship battle! Just shoot your projectiles at those aquatic monsters
All kinds of things can happen in this game. That includes being stranded on a tiny island with a treasure chest, poisoned, with monsters swimming around, and a frigate
You attempt to learn more about certain aspects of human activity from this ordinary guard. Sadly, he doesn't seem to be an expert in the topic
Prison in Lord British's castle. Human rights abuse, you punk!..
Standing right outside the castle of Lord British - the capital and center of Britannia
What I need is some instant noodles with Harbin sausage and perhaps a bottle of vodka. You know... for the travel and all. Not for me, for Dupre, see
Talking to some kids in one of the game's several regularly-sized towns. They all look pretty much alike. Both towns and kids, I mean
You've attacked an innocent child! That's it, you lose an eighth of your spiritual progress! Really!..
Errrr... I'm not sure this is a battle you should strive to win
Fighting somewhat comically-looking green monsters in a mountainous area
Battle in a forest clearing against some gay dudes. No, seriously, look at the color of their shirts!..
Browsing the wares in one of the game's weapon shops
Battle in a poisonous swamp! You retreat hastily
This is the Empath Abbey. Both its rulers, male and female, look just like you. They don't talk much, either
You can suddenly meet tougher enemies on the overworld. Look, there are dragons and some weird monster with them...
Buy horses in Paws! In a town with such a name, you'd expect to be able to buy cats...
Battle on a bridge! You... shall... not... pass!!..
You wandered this far to discover... a dungeon entrance!
Dungeon exploration! Near a descending ladder. In front is a suspiciously-looking field
You've found a magical ball! Touch it and see what happens!..
Dungeon battle against disturbingly swastika-like spiders
Enemies appear in front of you in dungeons. One step further and you'll be taken to a regular battle screen
Not all dungeon rooms are dedicated fully to battles. Here is one little dragon stuck between treasure chests. The question is, how do you get to them?..
A battle between two human parties. Who will prevail?..
Uh-oh... this can't be good. Those tough demons cast a spell on me!..
Found a treasure chest in a dungeon! And what's that behind?..
Battle terrain may vary. Be careful where you step!.. Opening spellcasting interface
You explore a tough-to-reach, very dangerous area late in the game. You are close, Avatar!..
You've reached what appears to be a ship graveyard...
Ghosts are lurking in the corners...
Weird creatures attack in one of the game's later battles. One of my characters is asleep...
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
Game start (CGA with composite monitor)
Lord British's quest (CGA with composite monitor)
Town entrance (CGA with composite monitor)
Combat (CGA with composite monitor)
Mountains (CGA with composite monitor)
Dungeon (CGA with composite monitor)
Typing in my name (CGA w/Composite Monitor)