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Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (Introduction)
From the introduction
Outdoor exploration
Indoor Exploration - LB's Castle
Despise, a dungeon
The Summoning begins... note the poetic language of the description.
Shamino meets you when you arrive in Britannia.
Starting location: Iolo's hut
You'll have to learn how to read runic alphabet in order to succeed in Ultima V.
Monsters are clearly visible on the world map.
A battle begins. Looks like we're going to have the upper hand!
Sometimes defeated enemies leave you very good stuff. Like a fried chicken.
This is how navigation by night looks like. Beware of the poisonous swamp nearby!
While your party was eating grilled meat and sleeping, monsters have attacked you.
This gives you an idea about Blackthorne's ethical system.
If you die, you get resurrected by the ghostly Lord British.
The throne room looks so deserted without its rightful owner!
The effect of using a gem is one-time viewable area map.
A kingdom for a horse!
The famous spooky "an air of... surrounds thee" greeting. It means there's a Shadowlord inside the town.
Usual conversation with routine questions: Name and Job.
The trolls won't let you cross this bridge. Sorry, you've asked for that!
Out of nowhere, a mysterious moongate appears.
We are clearly outnumbered.